“Often the most important moment in the design process is figuring out what the right question is.” – Thomas Heatherwick, British Designer


A mark of expert craftsmanship is the attention we give to the careful selection of lumber, color, and grain.


Design Services

Our design staff is well equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to create a superior solution to your unique requirements. We have the ability to cut through the countless options and details, delivering straight-talk and expert advice that enables you to make excellent decisions.

True Custom

No catalogs here! We haven't limited ourselves to repeating what has already been done. Can we recreate a look? Absolutely! Our talented craftsmen & finish specialists are capable of creating unique looks using almost any wood species and finish techniques required.


Critical to any custom project, we position our expert installers for success. Initial site visits to gather dimensions and identify potential issues keeps them involved from the start, allowing them to maximize efficiency and complete projects in a timely manner.

Granite, Appliances, & Hardware

Eliminate the hassle and stress involved with finding trustworthy dealers and coordinating timely, accurate, damage-free deliveries by allowing us to utilize our network of vendors who already know what we expect.


We're here for you! If the wear and tear of everyday use begin to show, utilize our staff of talented craftsmen and finish specialists to help you maintain that brand new look and feel.